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Tacoma’s Old Town Dock

Tacoma’s Old Town Dock is finally open after a five year closure. The dock has been completely redesigned after being closed in 2008 due to safety concerns. Located on Commencement Bay, the dock now draws everyone from fishermen to sunbathers. The renovated dock now accommodates vessels of all sizes which now makes access Old Town available via the water. The dock also has been redesigned to aid the growth of underwater vegetation which creates a better environment for the native species of fish. Tacoma’s Public Works Department has received glowing reviews of the renovations which make the $2.3 million redesign cost worth it. Now that the Old Town Dock isn’t so old, it may be a good time to check it out. Spend a day fishing or just take a leisurely stroll, but regardless of what you choose, be sure to enjoy the wonderful views that the dock has to offer.

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