Tacoma’s Foss waterfront museum is finally open!

    Attention residents of Tacoma! Tacoma’s Foss waterfront museum is finally open after 18 months of renovations! With exhibits already in place, this new museum is here to provide both education and entertainment to residents of Tacoma. The Foss Waterway Seaport Museum will allow visitors to see how Tacoma has continued to remain a city connected to global commerce. One of the main displays is the Mosquito Fleet which traveled between Tacoma in Seattle, which traveling on Interstate 5 would take an entire day. Also on display, are classical watercraft in which viewers are able to see the changes to watercraft throughout time. The renovation of the museum was secured by private donations as well as grants. New exhibits are scheduled to open over the summer with hopes that visitors will see the importance of Tacoma and the role it plays in the global world. The opening of this museum gives residents of Tacoma the opportunity to experience one of the many museums in Tacoma, while differentiating itself by giving visitors both an educational and recreational experience.

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