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New brunch idea in Tacoma

Attention all Tacoma residents.  Have you been waiting patiently for a new development in Asian cuisine?  Well wait no more!  Weekend-only dim sum is being served at Ginger Palace II, an Asian fusion restaurant located in a hotel district on South Hosmer.  The restaurant has only been serving dim sum for one month, however it has already begun to gain steam with local Tacoma residents.  Now that the Lobster House, formally located in Lincoln Neighborhood, has closed, Ginger Palace II is the only place in Tacoma featuring dim sum.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, think of dim sum as a form of Chinese brunch, in which diners pick various wares from roving carts filled with small dishes.  Dim sum menus typically feature steamed dumplings, fried buns, slow cooked meats, and sweets.  Additionally, for those so inclined, dim sum menus often offer more adventurous and traditional meals featured in Chinese cuisine.  If you are looking to try something new; or reacquaint yourself with a long lost favorite, give dim sum at Ginger Palace II a try. Ginger Palace II is located at 8736 S. Hosmer St. in Tacoma.

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